Bill Cameron

Business Growth Advisor

Assist businesses with high growth aspirations to develop a clear business strategy. I assist company’s access funding, expertise and resources from my public and private sector networks. I built networks with people in the public and private sector organisations to raise the profile of businesses within Glasgow. Currently Glasgow’s business Space cluster advisor working in partnership with Tontine incubator and The Scottish Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications (SoXSA).

Skills include – developing and motivating large teams to achieve company objectives. Working with companies to set KPI’s, profit expectations, productivity targets, labour turnover and head count targets.

What I do

The Scottish Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications (SoXSA) is innovating for a better world empowered by satellites. This end-to-end philosophy enables new mission technologies that deliver new space-based data products in response to user needs. Through this, SoXSA seeks to foster economic growth and launch new opportunities.

I assist with the economic growth element, by engaging with participating companies and assisting them to look at their Business Growth, by considering the following:

  • Strategic Planning & Implementation
  • Business modelling
  • Funding Process
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Operations & People management.

Thus helping developing Glasgow Space Satellite cluster.