Pauline Wallace

Development Officer

Assisting Small and Medium Sized Enterprises achieve their goals by developing programmes of support delivered through Glasgow City Council.
Partnering with other Local Authorities, Government Departments, Private Sector and other Enterprise Agencies pulls together expertise and resources which allows the economy of Glasgow to flourish. Through these programmes I want to encourage SMEs to grow and thrive, adding to the vibrant business community in Glasgow.

What I do

Involvement from the from the initial concept of Tontine, writing the Business Case, planning the layout to finalising the design and living to tell the tale! My role is to develop programmes and activity within Tontine that will support and grow the businesses based here. Tontine has an on-going Accelerator programme, one to one specialist support as well as a number of social activities.

Working with other organisations to cultivate new partnerships just as successful as this one with SoXSA and continually looking at new activities.