Nudge Exchange

Nudge was created to offer something new to the gig economy worker in the energy sector, an online platform that provides the opportunity for the contractor to engage, market their skills, transact and manage their workflow. Equally, it will be a place where businesses can market themselves and secure top talent as and when they need them for a fair market rate.

Nudge is on a mission to improve people's lives by using technology to provide them with work with a wow factor. By providing an automated contractor management service sellers of services will spend less time sourcing work and chasing payment and more of their precious time actually delivering work and enjoying the fruits of their labour. Buyers of the temporary services will be able to spend less time sourcing verified competent resources and the opportunity to adopt a more agile approach to delivering value to their clients. Nudge will. digitally transform the way in which the industry manages it's most important resource, it's people!


  • Darren Nicol CEO
  • Doug Robertson COO
  • Craig McGill CFO
  • Mike Ritchie Technical Consultant
  • Shaun Kennedy Software Developer


  • Energy
  • Marketplace
  • Artificial Intelligence