How Glasgow Space Tech Startup GSI Benefited from Free Incubation

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Global Surface Intelligence (GSI) are one of the first graduates from the Scottish Space Incubator programme. Their business excelled after participating in the Incubator programme in 2017.

About GSI

GSI provides affordable and accessible business intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI) services to organisations across a variety of sectors, worldwide. Using satellite technology, the information gained from their processes allow large organisations, such as the Government of Saskatchewan in Canada, to analyse and monitor changes in land use over time by using almost real-time data.

The growth for GSI came after entering the Scottish Space Incubator. Throughout their year there, they were able to access practical advice and guidance specific to the space sector. The business was guided into new markets by exploring additional uses for their patented processes and was even introduced to contacts who became clients. Surrounded by other space entrepreneurs allowed GSI to partner with other space companies, including Craft Prospect, another graduate of the incubator.

The Results

Gavin Tweedie of GSI, Glasgow

Gavin Tweedie, CEO, GSI.

Since its period within the Scottish Space Incubator, GSI has grown to a team of 12, has raised over £800,000 in new equity investment and has expanded into new industry sectors.

Gavin Tweedie, CEO of GSI attributes a significant element of this growth to the Incubator programme, “Our incubation period marked a major change for our company. A large part of that was because the Scottish Space Incubator was managed by an organisation that truly understood the sector we operated in. SoXSA’s continuing support and pro-active approach has led us into new markets and introduced us to new clients, and we value that help enormously.”

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Your Space Tech Startup Could Be Next

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