New Incubator Company Hypervine Get Coverage for Innovation

Steven Blood General News

The Scottish Space Incubator were delighted to welcome new Scottish startup, Hypervine as one of our new Companies earlier this month. They are a highly innovative Space Technology company who bring blockchain and satellite data together for the mining industry.

Image credit: Ivan Bandura,

In short, Hypervine provide innovative, satellite-sourced data to quarries. The data provides an accurate oversight of mining operations through the adoption of assets, such as readings for topography, liquid, mineral and density.

We are delighted to see that they are already picking up positive press coverage. You can find out more about them on their website, or by checking out this article.

If you have an idea or a new business that uses Space Technology, we still want to hear from you. Although we have filled our latest cohort, you can still register for updates on our next phase. Find out more about what we do here at the Scottish Space incubator and register your interest here.

You never know, maybe this time next year, your space tech idea will be getting press coverage as an innovator just like Hypervine.