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Steven Blood General News

Huli Route Planner is currently a company in the Scottish Space Incubator programme, which is based in Glasgow. Huli has seen first-hand the expertise, guidance and financial support that the Incubator has to offer – and they are a true success story.  

The founders of Huli noticed a gap in the market. As keen adventure cyclists they could not find a tool to help them map out a route, or a choice of routes, when they were looking for something to help them explore the French Alps. Their background in satellite research allowed them to develop an application that allows cyclists, and coming soon, other users including runners and walkers, to map their own personal route.  

The Huli Route Planner is an exciting and innovative solution. It is the modern way for previously frustrated cyclists to map training, or exploration routes, based upon their specific needs. Simply type in what distance you want to cover, what elevation you’d like to challenge yourself on, a start and end point, and Huli will do the rest! 

With their idea, the founders of Huli were successful in applying to the Scottish Space Incubator to fully explore their idea. What was vital to Huli was that they were able to use the people and knowledge within the Incubator as a sounding board for their ideas first, ensuring there was a sound business case there before going on to develop new features. 

Chris Lowe, CTO and founder of Huli says, Tontine is a fantastic startup environment to be in. As you are together with other startup companies located there, it provides a good environment for collaboration and idea exchange. The technical and business expertise on offer through the Incubator is fantastic with the team being able to question our ideas in complete confidentiality. Finally, the financial support available is second-to-none, which has allowed us to be more aggressive in our hiring strategy, and is of real benefit to cash-strapped startups. 

So, what advice would Chris give to anyone who has a business idea involving Space Technology, but may be unsure of how to take it to market? Submit an application to the incubator. The application process itself is a great way of determining what your unique selling point is and if there really is a business opportunity there. You’ll not regret it.”